People dancing with Silent Sound System headphones on at a nonprofit partnerships event

What is a Silent Disco?

The term “Silent Disco” evolved out of necessity as a way for underground parties and raves to be able to operate without being ended early by a noise violation. Now, this technology is used in many ways, but Silent Discos remain the most popular.

Silent Discos are parties involving noise-blocking, wireless headphones that connect to wireless transmitters.

Much like a radio with different stations, the Silent Sound System Transmitter broadcasts multiple channels listeners can switch between. So, country, rap, and rock lovers can finally party together in one room without a fight for the aux cord!

Silent Sound System headphones have the capability to connect to three separate transmitters. When audience members switch between channels, their headphones change color between red, green, and blue to show the channel they are listening to. The color shows other dancers where to tune in if they like someone’s moves!


The idea of a “Silent” Disco seems contradictory. What’s a party without loud music?

At a Silent Disco, nothing but chatter, laughter, and the shuffling of dancing feet can be heard without wearing a pair of headphones. You may think the silence will be awkward, but after people warm up, it is a great opportunity for dancing, people-watching, and conversation! While the concept may be strange to some, it is revolutionary for everyday parties, restaurants, businesses, and large-scale events, and is a tool for sensory inclusion.

Not Just for Silent Disco

With Silent Disco’s unconventional roots, the uses for the headphones have gotten even more innovative than the traditional Silent Rave. DJs can battle for listeners, bar attendees can switch between televisions to view different programs, or music festival-goers can continue the party after noise ordinances go into effect.

This equipment has also been used for yoga, meditation, and fitness, so students don’t miss anything their instructor is saying. It can also be used for weddings, movie events, guided tours, and as a tool in senior living communities. It makes gatherings more inclusive by helping to limit sensory overload and to aid with hearing and attention difficulties.

Ultimately, Silent Disco headphones are as versatile as the host using them!


Enhance Your Event with Effects from PartyFX

Perfect Pairings with Silent Sound System

Looking to bring even more flair to your event than Silent Sound System’s 3-Channel LED Headphones, BASSpak, or our Giant Inflatable Headphones? Our friends at PartyFX have all you need to make your events extra fun and memorable!

With the PartyFX Portable Power Pack paired with the portability of the Silent Sound System Mobile Transmitter, you can take your event anywhere! No fumes, no fuel– simply excellent clean, silent, portable energy. This portable power station can be used for camping, fishing, hiking, or any other outdoor activity. It can also be kept at home as an emergency power source or surge protector. Includes built-in LED light for use in the dark. This power pack provides both AC and DC power. Rechargeable lithium battery with 12V, 24Ah / 288Wh capacity. Three ways to charge: AC, DC, and Solar Panel (not included).

Not sure what to add on the third channel of your Silent Sound System? Try a movie!

With the PartyFX Inflatable Movie Screen paired with our headphones, your viewers can have uninterrupted listening, even while a dance party is going on around them! The screen stands 10.17 by 6.4 ft and is 12 feet across diagonally. AC Air Pump included.

Accessories for Events of All Sizes

PartyFX’s best-selling, attention-grabbing item is the PartyFX Giant Light Bright. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like: All the joy you had when you were a kid, now MUCH bigger!

Use the multi-colored pegs to create designs for your events, or let your audience create their own. The PartyFX Giant Light Bright stands around 7 feet tall and 8 feet wide. It comes with 600 multi-colored pegs in a free lockable Rolling Flight Case. It is a great landmark for any festival or event and is fabulous for audience engagement.

Are you interested in adding pyrotechnics but aren’t sure where to start? The PartyFX Indoor Fireworks Machine is a way to play with fire without worry. Cold sparks are nonflammable and safe for indoor use. The sparks only heat up to 65 degrees, so they will not burn your hands. Perfect for indoor events that want to really ignite excitement in their audience. Add some pop to the best parts of the songs!

Still nervous about dealing with sparks? How about some confetti instead? PartyFX Confetti Cannons add a colorful blast of excitement to highlight performances or get the dance floor hype. No compressed air or CO2 is needed. Cannons are compact and easy to carry. Great for weddings, parties, concerts, and any other celebrations!

During the holidays in December, PartyFX can’t keep their Giant Inflatable Snow Globe on the shelves! If you’re looking for this product, please purchase it earlier in the year to ensure availability. This major attraction creates an exciting winter wonderland photo experience. A great photo op for up to 6 guests – enter, play, pose and take home a great photo souvenir! It brings the magic and merriment of a treasured snow globe and adds more awe with its impressive 15-foot tall presence. It has remarkable marketing and promotional opportunities with custom backdrops/signage and has proven results for generating revenue from photos. AC Air Pump included.

With this wide variety of options from PartyFX, you’re sure to find something you and your guests will love! Contact us with any questions or reach out to PartyFX directly.


Transmitters & Mobile Transmitters: What’s the Difference?

Silent Sound System Transmitter (Standard)


Silent Sound System Transmitters have a transmission radius of over ¼ of a mile! They come with the RCA to 3.5mm cable included. Silent Sound System is plug-and-play.

Our standard transmitters are best for DJs, restaurants, bars, clubs, and other indoor event producers or spaces.

Silent Sound System Transmitters must always be plugged into a power source to operate.

Silent Sound System Mobile Transmitter

Silent Sound System Mobile Transmitters are portable and rechargeable, and they can connect to audio devices wirelessly via Bluetooth! Mobile Transmitters have a transmission distance of up to 900 ft.

Every Silent Sound System Mobile Transmitter comes with a wired, lapel microphone and 3.5mm auxiliary cord.

With both a microphone and audio jack, the Mobile Transmitter gives you the ability to speak over the music without using additional equipment. Compatible Wireless Headset Microphones are available for the Silent Sound System Mobile Transmitter. You can also add a neoprene belt for extra stability while in motion!

Silent Sound System Mobile Transmitters are best for tour guides, yoga, dance, health, wellness, cycling, Zumba, and fitness instructors, as well as outdoor event producers and spaces.

Please note: Mobile Transmitters must be unplugged from the charging source before use.


Silent Sound System’s Story

Silent Sound System, LLC was created by a group of friends and music enthusiasts in 2015. We are a leader in Silent Disco production and are a trademarked brand with unique features that make us an industry leader in Silent Disco technology in the United States. We are locally owned and operated in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Silent Sound System distributes Silent Disco equipment— headphones, transmitters, audio cables and more. We focus on distributing the highest quality equipment to domestic and international clients, ranging from libraries and public schools to entertainment companies and music festivals.

We have the only headphones on the domestic market that are “future-proof,” with a proprietary auxiliary output allowing the user to connect their headphones to complementary sound equipment, such as recording devices and wearable subwoofers (i.e. BASSpak, SubPac, Woojer). In addition, we offer a free management system, customer support, and custom accessories for all of our equipment, and we are currently developing our own digital system for even easier headphone management.

Silent Sound System also rents equipment, so you can try it before you buy it. Within certain distances, we are also available to fully produce a Silent Disco for you or your event!

silent sound system logo with silent disco headphones in orange

What Sets Silent Sound System Apart?

There are a few things that make Silent Sound System different from the rest:

Free Branding

If you contact us prior to your order, we can add your logo to our headphones in high-gloss vinyl. To take advantage of this offer, simply upload your logo during the checkout process. If you missed sending your logo before you received your order, you can also contact us or email to figure out a solution. If you would like to have your logo light up like the Silent Sound System logo, our Custom Resin Logo Panels can be applied to your order.

Exclusive Aux Out

Our headphones are future-proof— we’re already ready for what comes next. We have a proprietary, auxiliary output jack that is compatible with BASSpak, SubPac, Woojer, and other wearable bass products that give listeners a full-body bass experience without speakers.

Free Management System

Distributing and collecting headphones is the most difficult part of managing any Silent Sound System event, but we make it easy! We provide free headphone numbering as well as a free headphone management binder with corresponding numbers to hold IDs (or other card/collateral). Eliminating confusion means a smoother event for your guests. This system also aids in loss prevention.

Great Reception

Our transmitters can be placed anywhere, and our headphones receive transmissions up to 1,500 feet away. That’s just over four football fields in distance! Create a dancefloor anywhere, and don’t worry about the audio cutting out in a large venue. The radius of your dance floor can be huge, so your parties can be bigger and better than ever.

Free Transport Totes

All orders over 10 headphones come with free heavy-duty, reusable totes for easy transport to and from gigs. Each tote has the capability to be locked with a standard lock. The number of totes provided depends on the number of headphones purchased.