A crowd sitting in front of an outdoor movie screen

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Looking for movie event ideas?
Make the most of your movie events with our Silent Sound System™!

The soundtrack often makes the movie.

Our Silent Sound System™ headphones are great for movie events, especially in outdoor areas. Whether it’s an old school drive-in or a pop-up movie event, with clear sound and our wireless, noise-cancelling headphones, movie-goers will love their individualized experience.

Regardless of where your movie plays, Silent Sound System™ headphones will ensure outside noise is canceled and the only thing movie-goers hear is the movie so they can be totally immersed in their experience.

Showing more than one movie? No problem!
Appeal to the masses and make your movie event even bigger.

You don’t have to make a decision for your patrons, our Silent Sound System™ has three channels, so you can play three movies on three screens without needing any other equipment!

Your movie-goers can control their own movie experience with in-headset volume, so everyone can hear without any noise complaints.

Create a unique movie experience in a park or even your own backyard!

With the LED lights on the Silent Sound System™ headphones, onlookers will see a sea of red, green, and blue if you’re playing multiple movies. Breathe new life into your drive-in theater or create unforgettable pop-up movie events. Silent Sound System™ is bound to get people talking!

Bring people of all ages to your movie events!

Silent Sound System™ headphones are durable and safe for children to use with adult supervision. They can also be easily cleaned with disinfecting wipes and are collapsible for easy storage.

Regardless of the movie rating, you’ll be ready to give movie theater quality sound anywhere!

Bring any of your movie event ideas together by buying or renting Silent Sound System™ today!