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FREE Custom Logo Branding

High-quality vinyl decals of your logo included on your headphones or receivers at no additional cost.

FEEL Your Music

Silent Sound System is the only Silent Disco headphone with a propriety auxiliary port to connect to BASSpak and other wearable bass products.


FREE Loss Prevention System

All headphones and receivers are numbered for easy tracking. A management binder is provided to hold IDs or other collateral for loss prevention.

Incredible Reception Distance

Silent Sound System Transmitters have a transmission radius of over 1/4 of a mile! Our Mobile Transmitters reach up to 900 ft., which is almost 3 football fields!


FREE Transport Totes

Packages are shipped in heavy-duty, reusable storage totes. Upgrade to our Rolling Flight Case for easier transport.

Our Best Sellers

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Movies & Theatre

A crowd sitting in front of an outdoor movie screen

Clubs & Nightlife

Silent Disco Headphones party

Weddings & Events

Silent Disco Headphones in use

Senior Living

A senior citizen woman playing Bingo with Silent Sound System headphones

Bars & Restaurants

Silent Sound System Bar & Grill Experience

Guided Tours

tour guide and group in Silent Sound System headphones near a bay

Health & Wellness

Woman sitting cross-legged on yoga mat with Silent Sound System headphones on

Festivals & Music


How does it work?


Silent Sound System is incredibly user-friendly, and being easy to use is only one thing that sets our Silent Disco Headphones apart from the competition. We also provide FREE custom branding with your logo, FREE heavy-duty plastic totes for storage and transportation, FREE Headphone Management Binder for keeping track of your headphones, and FREE product support from our passionate staff. If you want hassle-free Silent Disco hosting, Silent Sound System is for you!


Do you own a club, bar, or restaurant and are looking to provide a unique experience? Are you a DJ, promoter, or event host trying to keep a wide audience happy? Are you a party animal trying to avoid noise complaints? Silent Sound System is the noise ordinance solution to help you to gain wider appeal and to leave people talking.

Silent Sound System Silent Disco Headphones Party

Fast & FREE Shipping within the Continental US!

Handling can take 1-2 business days (including customization of headphones), and all orders are shipped via Fedex or USPS Priority Shipping (1-3 days shipping time).


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