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Silent Sound System is as versatile as the operator of the system.
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Explore the potentials of Silent Sound System below to see what we can offer to help you create a unique and individualized environment for your clients, customers, family, or friends.

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So Much More than Silent Discos:

Movies & Theatre

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Clubs & Nightlife

Silent Sound System Silent Disco Headphones Party

Weddings & Events

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Senior Living

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Bars & Restaurants

Guided Tours

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Health & Wellness

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Festivals & Music


Sensory-Friendly Events

What Do You Need for a Silent Sound System Event?

To create an experience with Silent Sound System, there are two important things you need:

  • Silent Sound System Transmitter –For all Silent Sound System parties it is essential to have a wireless transmitter. This is how you will broadcast to the masses! Our wireless transmitters have a range of up to 1,500 feet. Three wireless transmitters can be used for three-channel selection, which gives your guests different music to choose from. The transmitters are plug and play and can be connected to an iPod, laptop or any other audio source using a 3.5 mm cable. Our mobile transmitters also have Bluetooth connection.
  • Silent Sound System Headphones/Receivers –
    Our Silent Sound System Headphones are LED, wireless, and rechargeable, meaning they are ready to go as long as you are! The volume and channel (if applicable) are adjusted through the headphones. We offer both three-channel and ten-channel headphones. These headphones are not the same as Bluetooth headphones, so you won’t be able to use your own headphones unless you have a Silent Sound System Receiver.

How Does a Silent Sound System Event Work?

How do you throw a Silent Disco event?

It’s actually much easier than you probably realize!

  • Organization – The first step, (and the only thing that you need to do differently when organizing a Silent Sound System event compared to other events) is you need to be sure to arrange your Silent Sound System rental, or purchase a starter kit. If you’re confused, contact us with any questions!
  • Set Up – Silent Sound System is Plug and Play, so setup is a snap! When setting up your Silent Event, it is important to make sure you have different styles of music prepared to suit a variety of  guests. This makes switching between them even more fun! The wireless headphone connection has three different channels, allowing you to link up the wireless transmitter to three different music sources. Your guests can change their music throughout the event depending on what they are feeling in any particular moment. It’s a totally unique experience!

Our partner in partying, Party FX, can offer many other services for your silent disco/silent event needs, including:

  • Lighting and Sound
  • Solutions Staging
  • Event Production
  • Event Management
  • Light-Up Dance Floors
  • Entertainment



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