life-changing benefits

Silent Sound System™ lets those at your senior citizen living community to be more engaged with more power to choose their own entertainment.

Our Silent Sound System™ is an engagement amplifier. It removes barriers in communication, allowing senior citizen living communities to deliver top-notch care plans to each person in their care.

Use Silent Sound System™ in your senior citizen living community to help remove communication barriers, boost engagement, and strengthen connection, as well as help with socialization and create powerful health benefits.

These benefits can be seen most in those living with dementia. It has been shown that music can help them. They respond to music therapy that can be given through our Silent Sound System™.

Not sure how you can use our system? It’s easier than you’d think!

You can use the Silent Sound System™ for:
  • Group Activities
    Aid communication, connection, and socializing
  • Communication with Caregivers
    Help your residents hear your more clearly
  • Visits with Family and Friends
    Let residents to focus on their visitors without distractions
  • Music Therapy
    Provides therapeutic benefits, especially for residents with dementia
  • Resident Tours
    Guide potential residents without shouting over background noise

There are so many options for your senior living community! You can bring fun, joy, and life back to your residents.

Since they can’t get out anymore, you can give those at your community lots of options for them to enjoy, so they can spend their time with you fondly.

You can also offer any of our other experiences for your seniors to enjoy.

If you are not sure if the Silent Sound System™ is right for your community, you can rent our equipment to try an event before you buy it!

Your residents will thank you!

What is an engagement amplifier?

An engagement amplifier is a tool that allows residents to connect with their communities in deep ways that can transform their care.

How is it used?

Our Silent Sound System™ is for group events as well as one-on-one — from music therapy and resident tours, to individual visits with family, friends, and medical staff, we can help.

Why is it important?

From improving overall wellness, to protecting against falls, our Silent Sound System™ offers benefits to your residents, their families, and your staff.



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