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Silent Sound System™ is perfect for any night club or festival!

Looking for the best night club and festival entertainment?

Look no further! Our Silent Sound System™ offers night club and festival entertainment owners, managers, and promoters the chance to give their patrons a unique experience they choose for themselves without worrying about noise ordinances, upsetting the neighbors, or interrupting conversation.

Silent Sound System™ has three channels to transmit three DJs, bands, or devices, so you can bring in different crowds on the same night.

Our Silent Sound System™ headphones are easy-to-clean, which makes them perfect for clubs where people are coming and going. They are also collapsible for easy storage.

In addition, our headphones come numbered with high quality vinyl, and we also give a free management binder to help with distributing and returning the headphones to aid in loss prevention.

Let the dancers dance and the talkers talk.

The Silent Sound System™ not only provides entertainment, but also gives your patrons the option to take a break or turn down the noise if they need to, so you won’t lose business to a loud night. Some people just like to people watch and chat. With no loud music, people can talk freely without yelling over the music.

Make it your own!

We are able to print your logo on quality vinyl to add to your headphones for a small fee. Send us your logo along with your order, and our art department will take care of the rest!

We are a local, small business, so we work individually with you to ensure all your needs will be met in the best and most affordable way possible.

Not sure if Silent Sound System™ is right for your night club or festival? You can rent our equipment to try it before you buy it!