9-12 Hours Battery Life

Dependent on listening volume

RGB LED Illuminated

Different colored lights for each channel

Great Reception!

Headphones receive up to 1,500 feet

FREE Customization

add your logo to your headphones!

Exclusive Aux Out

for SubPac, Woojer, and other Bass Products

Get your Silent Sound event started today!


Pop-up Movie Events


Wedding Events

Senior Living

Bars & Grills

Guided Tours

How does it work?


Our Silent Sound System is incredibly user-friendly. The only difference between our Silent Sound System and the usual sound system setup is replacing a speaker or stereo with one of our transmitters. If you’ve ever connected your phone to a speaker, our system is that simple!


Are you a club, bar, or restaurant owner looking to provide a unique experience? Are you a DJ, promoter, or event host trying to keep a wide audience happy? Are you a party animal trying to avoid noise complaints? Our silent Sound System is the solution to gain wider appeal, no noise complaints, and to leave people talking.

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US Domestic Orders arrive within 3-5 business days!

Fast & FREE USA Shipping!

Handling can take 1-2 business days (including customization of headphones), and all orders are shipped via USPS Priority Shipping (1-3 days shipping time).


International Shipping!

If you are outside of the United States and interested in buying our Silent Sound Systemâ„¢ products, please call us or send us an email, and our team will find the best option for you!

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