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Silent Sound System for Health & Wellness:

Yoga, Barre, Pilates & More

Tune into you ⁠— not what’s around you.

Silent Sound System headphones allow you to focus on yourself, your breathing, and setting your intentions by blocking out all the noise ⁠— even inside your head.

Help beginners learn to turn themselves inward by helping distractions melt away with noise-canceling headphones tuned to your voice. Give the most experienced members of your class a chance to control the volume of the music and your instruction to work toward inner peace in any setting.

Relaxing audio, clear instruction, and comfortable headphones make Silent Sound System perfect for any yoga, barre, Pilates, or other wellness class.

Our headphones also come equipped with red, green, and blue lighting to help you set a specific mood for your wellness class.

Do you teach Golden Yoga? Help your seniors hear you, and check out more uses for Silent Sound System and senior care.

Fitness, Cycling, Zumba & More

Forget the people in your class. You’re only in competition with yourself.

Push your group to the limit without worrying about them losing their headphones or missing an instruction. Fitness instructors can use Silent Sound System to help clients meet new goals by allowing them to hear instructions with no outside distractions. Your voice telling them to keep going is all they’ll hear!

Pump up even the most tired person in your class without losing your voice or the rest of the group. Help those who are hard-of-hearing to participate. Bring a new energy to the room by changing things up.

Cycling, Zumba, Kickboxing, Strength Training, Core Training, Personal Training, Jazzercize, or whatever new fitness craze starts soon… If you teach it, Silent Sound System can help you make it your own and give your group a unique, individualized experience.