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Create a unique prom your students will never forget!

The range for a Silent Sound System transmitter is up to 1,500 ft. (That’s just over 4 football fields in length!) No matter the size of your school, if you’re taking your prom outdoors, Silent Sound System has got you covered. Easy plug and play setup and no speakers required!

With Silent Sound System’s easy setup, LED light-up headphones, and ability to play up to 3 audio sources at once, you’ll create an atmosphere anyone can enjoy that looks great for social media.

Create a silent disco or any other event to help take your prom to the next level!

Help kids break the ice when they need it most.

Orientation day can be rough. Help lighten things up!

Create ice-breaking exercises using the versatile capabilities of Silent Sound System.

Silent Sound System headphones can be easily cleaned with disinfecting wipes and are collapsible for easy storage. They also come with complimentary numbering and a free management binder to help with distribution and returns.

Bring any of your corporate event ideas together by buying or renting Silent Sound System today!

Homecoming Events

Light up Homecoming Weekend! A silent disco brings current students and alumni together by playing music everyone can enjoy as they all dance on one dance floor to different music. With multiple channels of audio, it’s simpler than ever to unite generations of classmates for a silent disco homecoming event they won’t soon forget!

Want everyone to hear the same music? Use the other channels for a campus or art gallery tour! The headphones will work within the given radius for our Wired or Wireless Transmitter. You can set up various stations people can explore to make the event as creative and unique as you want.

Looking to further engage your student body?

Use our Silent Sound System Experiences and your own individual creativity to entertain and immerse your students in an engaging learning environment.

Silent Sound System can help you provide fun for all students, no matter their personality. It is also a way to be more inclusive of and thoughtful to students with autism, PTSD, and other conditions that cause sensory overload. Silent Sound System’s easy setup and ability to add up to 3 audio sources means you can have multiple activities or different music in the same room at the same time! Options for everyone so no one feels left out.

Are you a charter school located inside a shared building or a school in a residential area? With sound only coming through our headphones, Silent Sound System is a noise ordinance solution. The only noise issues you may encounter are rambunctious students yelling while their headphones are on because they can’t hear themselves.

Need special effects for your event? You can find options from our friends at PartyFX. ⬅️



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