The Bar and Grill Silent Sound System is a set of 10 Silent Sound System Audio Receivers and your choice of 1-3 transmitters.

It includes an aluminum lock box, so you can transport it with ease!

Best Uses for the Bar and Grill Silent Sound System:

  • Create a Noise-Ordinance Solution
  • Allow patrons to hear what is playing on a TV in a bar or restaurant
  • Help bar patrons hear the jukebox while club music is playing
  • Let people dance without disturbing other patrons

There are so many different ways to use Silent Sound System at a bar, restaurant, or club. If you’re not sure what events you can plan to best utilize our system, you can check out our experiences page for ideas.

If you feel the Bar and Grill Silent Sound System is right for you, and you also want to add Silent Sound System 3-Channel Headphones, please look into our Silent Sound System Headphone Expansion.

We also print your logo on high-quality vinyl to add to your headphones as a complimentary service. Send us your logo along with your order, and our art department will take care of the rest!

Let us help you give your patrons a different experience they won’t stop talking about!

If you have any questions about the Bar and Grill Silent Sound System or combining it with another package, please contact us.



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