Two actors perform as the audience watches with Silent Sound System headphones

Looking for a new way to get people more involved in your theatrical performances? Want to move your play, show, or theater outdoors?

With Silent Sound System’s LED light-up headphones, those who pass by won’t be able to help but have their eyes drawn to the crowd watching your performance!

Allow audience members to hear your talents regardless of the location or number of distractions. Busy streets? No problem for our noise-blocking headphones with in-line volume control on every headset.

With Silent Sound System, you’ll be ready to give theater-quality sound anywhere you want to create a theater or venue!

If you are in need of any special effects for your theater event, you can find options from our friends at PartyFX. ⬅️



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Create an immersive theater experience anywhere!

Make the most of your theater or event space with Silent Sound System!

You want your message to be heard.

Silent Sound System is great for theater events, especially at unconventional theaters and other outdoor areas. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar theater looking for a new sound system with high quality sound, a Fringe Festival looking to innovate your outside entertainment and fundraising, or any other theater-maker creating theatrical spaces in a downtown, Silent Sound System will have a solution for you.

Regardless of where you are, Silent Sound System headphones will ensure outside noise is mitigated and the only thing theater-goers hear is your performance, so they can be totally immersed in their experience.

More than one show at a time? No problem!

Appeal to the masses and make your theatrical event even bigger.

You don’t have to make a decision for your patrons. Silent Sound System has 3 channels, so you can play 3 separate audio streams in 3 locations without needing any other equipment!

Your audience members can control their own theater experience with in-headset volume, so everyone can hear without any noise complaints from neighbors.

Silent Sound System headphones can be easily cleaned with disinfecting wipes and are collapsible for easy storage. They also come with complimentary numbering and a free management binder to help with distribution and returns.

Bring any of your theater event ideas together by buying or renting Silent Sound System today!