Get residents engaged!

By using our Silent Sound System™ to remove communication barriers, you boost engagement, strengthen connection, promote socialization, and create powerful therapeutic benefits in your senior community.

  • Group Activities
    Foster communication, connection, and socialization
  • Communication with Caregivers
    Help your residents hear your more clearly
  • Visits with Family and Friends
    Allow residents to focus on their visitors without distractions from others
  • Music Therapy
    Provides therapeutic benefits, especially for residents with dementia
  • Prospective Resident Tours
    Guide prospective residents without shouting over background noise

life-changing benefits. vibrant communities.

Our Silent Sound System™ is an engagement amplifier that removes communication barriers, empowering senior living communities to deliver extraordinary individualized care.

Silent Sound System™ allows residents at your senior community to participate and engage with more power to choose their own individualized entertainment.

What is an engagement amplifier?

An engagement amplifier is a tool that enables residents to connect with their communities in deep and transformative ways.

How is it used?

Our Silent Sound System™ is for group events and one-on-one interactions — from music therapy and prospective resident tours, to individual visits with family, friends, and medical practitioners.

Why is it important?

From improved engagement and wellness, to protecting against falls, our Silent Sound System™ offers immediate benefits to your residents, their families, and your staff.



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