tour guide and group in Silent Sound System headphones near a bay

Our Portable Silent Sound Systems for Guided Tours:



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Need a better way to be heard on your guided tour?

We have you covered with our portable transmitters and headphones for tour guides.

Stop worrying about competing sounds during your tour!

Having Silent Sound System™ as you guide your tour guarantees a consistent experience among all guests. It also gives them the power to control their experience with adjustable volume.

Our durable, light-weight Silent Sound System™ transmitter attaches onto your belt and is made for any kind of weather. If you’re currently dealing with a bulkier model, this option can help to ease back pain and give you more energy while guiding your tours.

Don’t leave anyone out from learning from you and your tour!

Our headphones for tour guides help you to be inclusive to those who are hard-of-hearing, have issues with attention, and those who experience sensory overload by cancelling out excess noise and guiding them to focus only on your voice.

Silent Sound System™ headphones are easy to use, clean, and store!

If you’re a tour guide on the go, we make it easy to use and track our system.

Silent Sound System™ headphones are lightweight and collapsible for easy storage. They are also easy to clean with disinfecting wipes for multiple uses in a day.

Our Silent Sound System™ also comes with a management binder for your headphones to help with distribution and return time.

Never lose your voice again!

Noise-cancelling headphones help to direct attention to you as the guide, rather than you having to project or yell over distractions.

Guide your tour with the confidence that you will be heard while conserving energy for the rest of your tours for the day!

Not sure if Silent Sound System™ is right for you? Try it by renting our equipment before you buy it!