Multilingual Events

Build a 3-Channel System for your event:



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Hosting a multilingual event?

Transmit translation in along with your speaker in real time!

Silent Sound System comes in 3-Channel Systems and 10-Channel Systems.
Give your audience options for their language of choice to best understand your message.

Silent Sound System guarantees a consistent experience among all guests. No preferential treatment to those closer to the stage and no issues for those who are hard of hearing. It also gives audience members the power to control their experience with adjustable in-line volume.

Our durable, lightweight Silent Sound System Mobile Transmitter attaches to your belt and comes with a wired microphone included. You can upgrade to a wireless headset by adding it to your order.

Don’t leave anyone out of learning from you and your speech!

Our headphones for tour guides help you to be inclusive to those who are hard of hearing, have issues with attention, and those who experience sensory overload by canceling out excess noise and guiding them to focus only on your voice.

Silent Sound System headphones are easy to use, clean, and store!

We make it easy to use and track our system.

Silent Sound System headphones are lightweight and collapsible for easy storage. They are also easy to clean with disinfecting wipes for multiple uses in one day.

Silent Sound System comes with a free management binder to help with distribution and return time.

Not sure if Silent Sound System is right for you? Try it by renting our equipment before you buy it!