People dancing with Silent Sound System headphones on at a nonprofit partnerships event

Silent Sound System’s Story

Silent Sound System, LLC was created by a group of friends, dreamers, and music enthusiasts in 2015. We are locally owned and operated in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We are a leader in Silent Disco production and are a trademarked brand with unique features that make us an industry leader in Silent Disco technology in the United States.

Silent Sound System distributes Silent Disco equipment— headphones, transmitters, audio cables and more. We focus on distributing the highest quality equipment to domestic and international clients, ranging from libraries and public schools to entertainment companies and music festivals.

We have the only headphones on the domestic market that are “future-proof,” with a proprietary auxiliary output allowing the user to connect their headphones to complementary sound equipment, such as recording devices and wearable subwoofers (i.e. BASSpak, SubPac, Woojer). In addition to our equipment, we offer a management system, customer support, and custom accessories for all of our headphones, and we are currently developing our own digital system for even easier headphone management.

In addition to selling Silent Disco equipment, Silent Sound System rents equipment, so you can throw your own Silent Disco. Within certain distances, we are also available for hire to fully produce a Silent Disco for you or your event!

silent sound system logo with silent disco headphones in orange

What Sets Silent Sound System Apart?

There are a few things that make Silent Sound System different from other Silent Disco equipment:

FREE Transport Totes

All orders over 10 headphones come with FREE heavy-duty, reusable totes for easy transport to and from gigs. Each tote has the capability to be locked with a standard lock. The number of totes provided is dependent on the number of headphones purchased. Our Yoga and our Bar and Grill Systems come with locking cases rather than totes due to the smaller number of headphones in the package.

FREE Management System

Distributing and collecting headphones is the most difficult part of managing any Silent Sound System event. We provide FREE headphone numbering as well as a FREE headphone management binder with corresponding numbers to hold the ID (or other card/collateral). Eliminating confusion means a smoother event for your guests. The binder also aides in loss prevention for you as a host.

FREE Branding

If you contact us prior to your order, we can add your logo to our headphones in high-gloss vinyl. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, you can send your logo and your information to As long as we get your message prior to shipment, your headphones will come with your logo! If you missed sending your logo before you received your order, you can also contact us for options on sending your high-gloss vinyl logos for you to apply to the your headphones yourself. Customizing your Silent Disco equipment is a service only Silent Sound System offers!

Great Reception

Our transmitters can be placed anywhere, and our headphones receive transmissions up to 1,500 feet away. This means there is more room to dance and fill a venue without worrying about people’s music cutting in and out. The radius of your dance floor can be huge, which means your parties can be bigger and better than ever!

Exclusive Aux Out

Our headphones are “future-proof,” meaning we’re already ready for what comes next! We have a proprietary, auxiliary output that is compatible with BASSpak, SubPac, Woojer, and other bass products to give listeners a full body bass experience, even without speakers and subwoofers.